Big Pine Academy Curriculum

The Big Pine Academy provides an early childhood program for two years before a child is eligible to attend Kindergarten. Three year old children can attend classes, and parents can select an attendance schedule to meet the needs of their own family. Children can attend only mornings, only afternoons or all day. Parents can choose to have their child attend two, three, four or five days per week. Four year olds can take part in the public VPK (Voluntary Pre-K) and they can also stay in the afternoon for an enriched Pre-K curriculum.
Kindergarten, First, Second, Third, Fourth Fifth and Sixth grades, taught by talented and Highly qualified teachers, create the sort of learning environment that most adults can only remember with fondness. Classrooms are kept to a 20 student average to optimize learning experiences.

Math Curriculum
The Math program is both rigorous and very hands-on, benefiting all learning styles. We use Harcourt Math, a very solid curriculum, and we augment it with outside resources. Math is also taught in centers where children can "play" with materials that reinforce what they have learned and give them the opportunity to investigate mathematical concepts in the real world.

Language Arts Curriculum
Harcourt is a research based, scientifically defensible, developmental reading/language arts program. Explicit phonics instruction, direct reading instruction, guided reading strategies, phonemic awareness instruction, systematic intervention strategies, integrated language arts components, and state-of-the-art assessment tools ensure every student successfully learns to read and write.

Science Curriculum
The Eco-Science program at Big Pine Academy is one of a kind. It covers science concepts that the children can observe in their own backyards. The Big Pine Area is the protected habitat for both Key Deer and the Bald Eagle and all of this natural wonder is incorporated into a meaningful program that is immediately relatable. The program also satisfies the Sunshine State standards and major FCAT topics. We top off the program with material from Harcourt Science.

Other Areas of Study
Holistic Health Education
Physical Education
Art Appreciation
Music Appreciation



A Public Charter School
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