Big Pine Academy Dress Code. (Updated 2015)

Dress Code Tops:

1.       Big Pine Academy T-shirts. Students must wear the approved BPA logo shirts only. BPA t-shirts are available through Big Pine Academy. T-shirt colors are navy, green, pink, white, and royal blue. The cost is $8.00 for short sleeve t-shirts and $12 for long sleeve t-shirts.

2.       Lands’ End polo shirts with the BPA logo in navy or white. These must be purchased at Lands’ End ( and the logo must be added ($5.50 charge for logo application). Our Lands End school ID number is 900088766.

3.      Navy or White Polo Shirts.  These can be purchased from any retail store, but must be free of any logos or insignia.  Just plain navy or white.

3.       Jackets. Students may only wear plain navy zip-front hooded sweatshirts. They are available at Lands’ End year round. You may purchase sweatshirts at any retail store as long as they are plain with no designs, logos, pictures, or words.

    · Shirts may not be layered with any other shirts (see cold weather

      exception below) or tied up in the back.

   · On cold weather days, a white long sleeve shirt without words or logos can

      be worn underneath a BPA uniform shirt. 

   · Uniform shirts must be worn underneath the uniform jacket.

Schools are expected to provide a positive learning environment for students. Student dress and grooming play an important part in creating said learning environment. Research across the country has demonstrated that a simple, inexpensive unified dress code increases classroom achievement and school spirit, while at the same time decreases behavioral problems and absenteeism. Our unified dress code is mandatory across all grades (PK3, VPK, K-8). Students will be expected to keep themselves well-groomed, clean, and dressed appropriately for school. Any form of dress or hairstyle which is distracting, dangerous, or disruptive in appearance and detrimental to the purpose or conduct of the school will not be permitted.
Dress Code: Bottoms
· Shorts
· Pants
Bottoms may be khaki, brown, or navy. Jeans an Jean shorts are permitted with no stripes, designs, plaid, or camouflage.
· Shorts
· Pants
· Skorts
· Skirts
· Jumpers
Bottoms may be khaki, brown, navy, jeans and jean shorts; no stripes, designs, plaid, or camouflage. Shorts must be worn under skirts and/or jumpers.

Dress Code: Shoes
Boys and Girls · Closed-Toed Shoes (preferable sneakers)
Sneakers or shoes with closed-toes and backs are required for safety. Inappropriate shoes will result in P.E. or playground restrictions when safety is a factor. No boots, healies, crocs, flip-flops, or sandals.
Big Pine Academy Logo T-Shirts
Logo T-Shirt Colors: Blue, Green, White, and Pink (Previously purchased school logo T-Shirts of other colors may be worn, however, they will no longer be ordered.)
Big Pine Academy Logo T-Shirts may be purchased through the PTO. Please see an order form for current prices. Long sleeve shirts and sweatshirts may also be ordered throughout the school year when there is a need.
Students must also observe the following regarding appropriate attire:
1. Short shorts, skirts, skorts, and/or jumpers are not permitted. For a rule, these items must meet the student's longest fingertips.
2. Tight fitting clothing including, but not limited to, jerseys, bike shorts, tube tops, etc. are not permitted. Tank tops, spaghetti straps, strapless shirts, muscle shirts, or half shirts are not permitted. No midriffs are to be shown.
3. Clothes that are not worn appropriately are not permitted, including pants that "droop" below the waistline, exposed underclothing, unfastened snaps, zippers and the like. Excessively baggy clothes are not permitted and should be avoided due to safety issues.
4. Clothes that are torn, ripped, or contain holes will not be permitted.
5. Distracting accessories are not permitted.

If your child does not show up in proper uniform Monday through Friday, any or all of the following steps may be taken:
· A note may be sent home stating how the child was out of uniform.
· A call to the parent may be made requesting that a uniform be brought to the school for the child.
· The child may be given appropriate clothing for the day from the school's collection of donated attire.
· The child may be sent home.

**The Principal does have the authority to act on specific cases which may disrupt good order and discipline in the school or creates safety concern.**



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